Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Martial Artist Spotlight: Kara Hui

Couldn't start the year off without doing it big.

2014 really started up our Martial Artist Spotlights, but we noticed something that we wouldn't have done intentionally had it not been based on opportunity.

We highlighted more men than women in Martial Arts, Stunts, Tricking, or Action Films. Granted, these were amazing martial artists, and while there are way more men to choose from, that doesn't take away from the fact that this is one of the major physical activities in the world, where it is possible for a woman to be just as capable as a man.

Strength is not always the biggest key factor in martial arts(Interestingly enough, we know from experience. In a Wing Chun class, it's amazing how simply throwing someone off balance grants you an advantage, even when they're twice your size and weight).

So for 2015, not to make a point, we're highlighting all women.

The beginning of the year is always someone who's influenced us greatly, so it brings great pleasure to highlight January's Martial Artist Spotlight:

Kara Hui

Kara is not technically a martial artist, but she's made a long career in kung fu style action films via the Shaw Brothers Studio, especially during the 70's and 80's.
While she's had serious film roles as well, in the West, she's primarily known for uber awesome roles, such as the titular role in "My Young Auntie", "The Martial Club" and even went up against Donnie Yen in 2011's "Dragon."
She's even portrayed Ng Mui in "Kung Fu Wing Chun", one of the Five Elders, the survivors of the destruction of the Shaolin temple of the Qing Dynasty.
She's since retired from strenuously physical roles, but being a kid of the 80's, who inherited a love for Eastern Martial Arts films from my mother, uncles, even my old fashioned grandmother, she was a household name for us by the time we were 5.

Kara Hui is just one of the many great women we plan on highlighting this year. Some will be well known. Some may not.

All will be worthy.


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